West Midlands Schools
of Tae Kwon-Do

Project Description

IMA North of England Championships (2006)

Mr Amrit Kalcutt: 2nd Men’s Black Belt Heavy Weight Points Stop, 3rd Black Belt Patterns. Mr Sunny Kalcutt: 1st Boys Heavy Black Belt Points Stop, 2nd Black Belt Patterns. Mrs Manjit Kalcutt: 1st Ladies Heavy Weight Black Belt Points Stop. Mr Paul Riley: 1st Men’s Black Belt points stop, 1st Black Belt Continuous. Mr Peter Barrett: 3rd Black Belt Points Stop Sparring. Ms Natasha Turney: 3rd Black Belt Girls Patterns, 2nd Points Stop, 1st Continuous. Ms Hester Davis: 1st Women’s Black Belt Patterns, 2nd Points Stop Sparring. Ms Jess Wiltshire: 1st Girls Points Stop, 3rd Continuous Sparring. Mr Josh Aylott: 2nd Boys Black Belt Points Stop. Kiran Kalcutt: 1st Girls Light Heavy Points Stop. Stephanie Chapman: 3rd girls point stop Sparring. Emily Wells: silver in patterns and silver in Sparring. Elaine Mitchell: 1st Ladies Point Stop Sparring, 3rd Patterns. Rebecca Cairns: 1st Gold Patterns, 3rd Points Stop Sparring. Andy Creed: 1st Men’s Points Stop Sparring, 1st Patterns. James Cook: 1st Boys Points Stop Sparring. Tiffany Hall: 2nd Girls Heavy Points Stop Sparring, 1st Patterns. Theresa Harper: 1st Ladies Patterns.

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