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Project Description

AIMAA International Black Belt Grading, Hawaii (2007)

During November 2007, Mr Kalcutt 5th Dan, Mr Hall 3rd Dan and Mr Murray 3rd Dan made the long journey to Hawaii to test for their 4th and 6th (Master) degrees under Grandmaster Hee Il Cho 9th Dan at the AIMAA Headquarters. The Testing panel consisted of Grandmaster Hee Il Cho 9th Dan, Master Philip Ameris 7th Dan, Master John Darcy 6th Dan, and Master Peter Byrne 6th Dan. The grading group consisted of 2nd, 3rd and 5th degrees all testing for their respective grades.

The floor work lasted for over an hour, with each of us being tested to the full, consisting of line work, fighting techniques, patterns, set sparring, self-defence, and theory questions. With the floor work completed it was time for sparring and destruction. The destruction went well, each having to break nine 1” boards with choice techniques. On the whole the testing went very well, and it was a privilege to train and test under the Grandmaster once again.

We take this opportunity to thank Grandmaster Hee II Cho and his family. We also thank Master Ameris, Master Darcy, Master Byrne, the Students who tested and all those who assisted with the testing at the Academy. On reflection the trip was very successful, and we look forward to the AIMAA Summer Camp in Orlando, Florida during July 2008.

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