West Midlands Schools
of Tae Kwon-Do

Green Belt: 6th Kup

Tae Kwon-Do terminology is based on the Korean language, however some words were developed specifically for Tae Kwon-Do, and do not appear in the Korean vocabulary. Using these terms enable students to train anywhere in the world, over coming all languages difficulties.

Pattern(s) Required

Won Hyo 28 Movements

Sparring Required

Two Step Set Sparring Ibo Matsoki

General Terms

Back Dwit

Movements & Stances

Closed Stance Moa Sogi
Bending Stance Guburyo Sogi
Circular Block Dollymio Makgi
Hooking Block Golcho Makgi
Waist Block Hori Makgi
Vertical Punch Sewo Jurugi
Side Punch Yop Jurugi
Reverse Turning Kick Bandae Dollyo Chagi

Parts of the Body

Hand Parts Sangbansin
Foot Parts Habansin
Back Heel Dwit Chook
Back Sole Dwit Kumchi
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