West Midlands Schools
of Tae Kwon-Do

Red Belt, Black Tag: 1st Kup

Tae Kwon-Do terminology is based on the Korean language, however some words were developed specifically for Tae Kwon-Do, and do not appear in the Korean vocabulary. Using these terms enable students to train anywhere in the world, over coming all languages difficulties.

Pattern(s) Required

Choong Moo 30 Movements
Kwang Gae 38 Movements

Sparring Required

One Step Set Sparring Ilbo Matsoki
2 onto 1 Sparring Idale Matsoki
Breaking / Destruction Wee Ryok

Defensive Foot Work

Dodging Phihagi
Shifting Jajun Bal
Stepping Omgyo Didgi
Sliding Mikulgi
Turning Dolgi
Jumping Dee Gee
Lifting Pal Dulgi
Body Dropping Mom Nachungi

Movements & Stances

One Leg Stance Wae Bal Sogi
Diagonal Stance Sasun Sogi
Checking Block Momchau Makgi
Downward Block Naeryo Magki
Double Arc Hand Block Doo Bandalson Makgi
Stamping Kick Cha Bapgi
Sweeping Kick Goro Chagi
Downward Strike Naeryo Taerigi
Overhead Kick Twio Nomo Chagi
Flat Fingertip Thrust Opun Sonkal Tulgi
Combination Kick Honhap Chagi
Double Kick Ijung Chagi
Triple Kick Samjung Chagi
Knee Strike Ollyo Moorup

Parts of the Body

Sidefist Yop Joomuk
Reverse Knifehand Sonkal Dung
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