Grandmaster Kalcutt achieves 8th Dan at AIMAA International Black Belt Testing

Congratulations to the small contingency of WMST’s most senior grade students who travelled to AIMAA HQ in Hawaii for this years International Black Belt Testing.

The group graded under the watchful eye and guidance of Grandmaster Hee Il Cho (9th Dan), Grandmaster Darcy (8th Dan) and the judging panel.

The grading was also live streamed across the world via Facebook and was watched by a large number of fellow AIMAA Instructors and students.

We can now reveal that Chief Instructor and Head of WMST Grandmaster Amrit Kalcutt has successfully achieved his 8th Dan Black Belt.

Master Steven Hall has successfully achieved his 7th Dan Black Belt.

Master Keith Fowles and Master Geoff Chapman both successfully achieved 6th Dan Black Belts.

And Master Manjit Kalcutt has also successfully achieved 6th Dan Black Belt, becoming the highest ranking female Instructor within AIMAA England.

One of Master Kalcutt’s Assistant Black Belt Instructors from the Little Ninjas class, Miss Wade also travelled and graded, achieving her 2nd Dan Black Belt.

The whole of WMST would like to congratulate the group on a great achievement.